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About the PSW

PSW is a systematic approach to investigate very early stage ideas by assessing their potential as the foundation of a start-up business, licensing opportunity, or new product within an existing business. At the core is a unique, collaborative, hands-on workshop. Teams are created around a central technology, product or business idea and typically include a technology champion, a legal advisor, an industry expert, an MBA student and an experienced entrepreneur.

In the Workshop, the teams address fundamental questions that must be considered before starting up a company in a series of nine break-out sessions related to the technology, the market, the competition, the business potential, etc. Participants create an overall presentation of their idea and deliver it to a panel of experts. The expert panel then provides feedback on the merit of the opportunity.

The idea teams complete two, intense one-day sessions separated by one week of "homework".

Please contact by email ( or call 607-255-1421 to discuss the status of your idea and your expecctations of the Pre-Seed Workshop.

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