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Center Portfolio Companies

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As of September 2014 the following companies have made their home in the McGovern Center:


Sterifre Medical
entry date: Sept. 2013

Sterifre Medical was formed with the objective of developing advanced applications of non-thermal plasma, free radical source technology for sterilization/decontamination, and for air pollution control devices. Sterifre Medical specializes in novel solutions for sterilization and decontamination.
Ionica Sciences -
entry date: Feb. 2014

Ionica Sciences produces adaptable, sensitive and easy-to-use biological assays that can detect hard-to-discern infectious diseases, toxins and other biological molecules. The group uses surface-enhanced Raman scattering, known as SERS-based detection to find errant bacteria, viruses, parasites and foodborne pathogens. It can also ascertain human hormones, cytokines, antigens/antibodies, biological fluids and illicit drugs.
ZYMtronix  -
entry date: March 2014

ZYMtronix integrates a multi-scale platform technology that revolutionizes the use of enzymes and leads the next wave of improvements in Green Chemistry and Biocatalysis. ZYMtronix brings to market new ways to immobilize enzymes and screen for immobilized enzyme performance, the unlocked potential of oxidative enzymes for biocatalysis, and new materials and customer-oriented processes for small molecule conversion. Our technology can significantly reduce the cost, time and environmental impact of the production of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.
Repairogen  -
entry date: April 2015

Repairogen is a cosmetic cream serum DNA skin repair company helping remove wrinkles through application of topical sunscreen evening cream for repair of damaged skin making taking years off your face.
   Lionano  -

    entry date: August 2015

    Lionano has created a revolutionary patent-pending nano-engineered
    material for lithium ion batteries.

         Conamix -
         entry date: August 2015
                           entry date: January 2016
                Embark -
                    entry date: January 2016