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Center ApplicaTion Process

Who Can Apply?

  • Incorporated companies
  • Companies carrying licenses for Cornell technologies
  • Companies carrying licenses for non-Cornell technologies
  • Life science related technology via inventor's departmental appointment, license field terms, or target product application
  • Seed / early stage of company development

Steps for Program Admission:

These steps should be followed more or less in sequence. Fill out each document and forward the completed document to

(italicized indicates action required on the applicant's part)

  1. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Fill out initial Candidate Screening Tool Spreadsheet (see the User's Guide for detailed instructions)
  3. Fill out Center Application Form
    1. Submit company business plan and presentation
    2. Submit company incorporation documents
    3. Submit copy of principal technology license
  4. Center staff reviews the application and documents
  5. Management team interview
  6. Multidepartment staff review and clearance
  7. (Link the POSHER including User's Guide) Document only required for laboratory based client
  8. a. Space License Agreement
    b. Incubation Program Agreement
  9. For non-Cornell companies: the Center Equity Investment Agreement
  10. Advisory Council review and recommendation